• We Give You The Tools To Cope With Life's Challenges.

    We specialize in Children & Adolescents, Anxiety Disorders & OCD, ADHD & Executive Function, Adjustment Difficulties & Young Adults.

  • SFPG is based in Fort Lauderdale & Boca Raton, and offers individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Utilizing evidenced based treatments, the clinicians at SFPG will implement interventions based in Cognitive Behavioral principles.

    We offer a full range of services to adults, children, adolescents, couples and families. SFPG will offer individual, family, and group psychotherapy.

    Dr. Tara Zuckerman, is a licensed psychologist and South Florida native, who has spent her life and career helping others in the community. She has participated in various educational and career ventures, which have helped her to hone her clinical skill-set and knowledge.

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  • Our Services

  • Virtual Tele-health

    Virtual Tele-health

    South Florida Psychological Group is pleased to offer virtual appointments.

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  • Consultation & Evaluation

    Consultation & Evaluation

    A psychological consultation and evaluation is one of the services offered at SFPG.

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  • Exposure Therapy

    Exposure Therapy

    Exposure therapy is a technique of behavioral therapy and is often used in the treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

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  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidenced based form of psychotherapy that is widely used to treat a variety of conditions.

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  • Family Therapy

    Family Therapy

    Family therapy is used to treat problems that are common amongst family members.

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  • Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    Individual therapy refers to the process by which an individual wishes to begin to understand more about oneself.

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  • Behavioral Observation

    Behavioral Observation

    School observation is the process in which a psychologist will verify the child and teacher’s reactions.

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  • Areas of Speciality

  • Accreditation