Anxiety Disorder/OCD

  • Panic explained by Fort Lauderdale Psychologist Tara Zuckerman
    8 Oct, 2015
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    Have you ever felt like your heart was beating out of your chest and didn’t know why? Felt like you were going to pass out due to overwhelming feelings of anxiety or worry? Then you may have experienced a panic episode or what is commonly referred to as a panic attack. Individuals who have sought

    Pressures for Children when Starting a New Grade
    8 Sep, 2015
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    Starting a new grade is a complex process in which children’s different habits, routines, acquired self-discipline, motivation, and the general “know-how” of handling school situations are radically challenged. This new grade and new school year may mean, new teachers, new pupils, new physical

    7 Ways Your Childhood Affects How You Parent
    1 Sep, 2015
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    Nothing turns one's focus toward the future more than having a child. Most parents who look into the eyes of their brand new baby see whatever lies ahead as a clean slate. Yet,attachment research(link is external) tells us that the biggest predictor of how we will be as parents is how much