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    Finding the “right” Psychologist, by Fort Lauderdale Psychologist Dr Tara Zuckerman

    • September 2015
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    Finding the “right” Psychologist, by Fort Lauderdale Psychologist Dr Tara Zuckerman

    When a person decides to seek out a psychologist or is recommended to meet with one, they often don’t know what they’re looking for. How do you know what you need? What or who are you looking for? Where do you find them? Should they be a male or female? Young or old? PsyD or PhD? There are so many questions people ask themselves or other professionals as they search for the “right” psychologist. At South Florida Psychological Group, serving the greater Fort Lauderdale, FL area including Weston, FL and Boca Raton, FL we believe it is important for people to find a psychologist with whom they feel comfortable, that they should pick a psychologist they can trust and speak openly with.

    South Florida Psychological Group, offering its services in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Weston, FL and Boca Raton, FL, advises you to use your intelligence and intuition in pursuit of a professional that is adequate for you and your psychological treatment. Speak to other professionals involved in your care, conduct independent research, seek recommendations from those you trust. Ask yourself: can you find respect, trust, confidentiality, integrity in that person? The therapeutic relationship is only as strong and solid as each persons belief in the relationship, so it is imperative that an individual seeking treatment believes in and entrusts the person with whom they decide to pursue treatment with.