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  • Individual therapy benefits for an adolescents
    22 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

    Adolescence, a transition from childhood to young adulthood, presents many great biological, social, and psychological changes. As a young person outgrows the thought patterns and behaviors typical of a child, they are forced to cope with starting to rebuild their place in the world, adapting

    Therapy helps to understand yourself, explained by a Fort Lauderdale Psychologist
    16 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

    Therapy helps to understand yourself, explained by a Fort Lauderdale Psychologist  One of the many advantages of therapy is that it provides a “virtual space” distinct from the realms of family, peers, school, workplace, etc. While some environments may cause stress and mild psychological

    Family therapy benefits for a family by Fort Lauderdale Psychologist
    15 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

    By recognizing that a family is the core institution from which almost all perceptions, values, perspectives and ethics are formed for those who are part of it, one confirms its importance in an individuals functioning. Familial issues most often manifest themselves as disagreements with a strong

    ADHD Fort Lauderdale Psychologist
    9 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

     ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a serious (but treatable) neuro-developmental disorder which can manifest itself in a very early age. Full-blown symptoms can be especially evident in kindergarten and early school age. The clinical picture of a child which has typical set of

    Pressures for Children when Starting a New Grade
    8 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

    Starting a new grade is a complex process in which children’s different habits, routines, acquired self-discipline, motivation, and the general “know-how” of handling school situations are radically challenged. This new grade and new school year may mean, new teachers, new pupils, new physical

    7 Ways Your Childhood Affects How You Parent
    1 Sep, 2015
    Posted By: Admin

    Nothing turns one's focus toward the future more than having a child. Most parents who look into the eyes of their brand new baby see whatever lies ahead as a clean slate. Yet,attachment research(link is external) tells us that the biggest predictor of how we will be as parents is how much

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